Becoming An SMSF Expert Program  - 100% online, 22 hours CPD/Year

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What's Included?

  • 10 modules in total AND 2 SMSF Updates (PER YEAR) focused on sharpening your SMSF knowledge so you can better serve your clients.
  • From this program you will receive 12 hours of relevant CPD Hours per year!
  • Bonus offer: Access to 250+ SMSF videos in our SMSF video vault (Valued $564/year), and get another 10 hours of CPD per year
  • In total, you will receive 22 hours CPD per year.

How Do I Receive the Training Program?

The training program is delivered via our training portal. 

You will receive 1 new module delivered to your training portal per month (you will receive an email notification), 10 modules per year & 2 bi-annual SMSF update webinars in May and November (recordings are included)

Each module comes with a short quiz. You can watch the training and complete the quiz at your own pace. There's no time pressure to finish your modules. It's 100% self-paced. 

Why Choose This Program?

  • You don’t have to leave your office. You don't have to train at specific times.
  • Learn on your own schedule.
  • High quality content, designed and recorded by our founder - Peter Johnson and we update the content every 2 years so you are always on top of those SMSF changes. 
  • If you are behind on your hours and want to catch up that is OK, you can pay to do extra hours each month.


For the monthly training videos - how long will these be available after each month before expiring? and can they be viewed twice, or stopped and started at a different time?

You will have access to the videos whilst ever you continue to be a paid up member. You can view the training at anytime 24/7. It's like watching Netflix, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward as many times as you like. All you need is internet connection.

What modules are covered in this training?

In this training, our modules will cover the following and more: Some of the modules might include more than 1 hour of training. 

 1. Establishing an SMSF 

2. Definition and structure of SMSFs 

3. Administrative requirements 

4. Investments 

5. Contributions to superannuation - the rules 

6. Contributions - strategies 

7. Tax issues for SMSFs - part 1 

8. Tax issues for SMSFs - part 2 

9. Managing an SMSF 

10. Paying benefits - the rules 

11. Death Benefits and nominations 

12. Taxation of superannuation benefits 

13. Pension strategies 

14. Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements 

15. Pre 99, Related and unrelated unit trust issues 16. The SMSF Audit 

17. Transfer Balance Cap and TSBs

18. Divorce, bankruptcy and winding up an SMSF 19. Running a business inside an SMSF 

20. SMSF Strategies


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